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Bluetooth Function

Bluetooth or known hardware (hardware) has many embedded in electronics like Smartphones, laptops, digital cameras and printers. You surely are familiar with this device, but do you know the function of bluetooth? Arguably this is a hardware replacement file transfer technology previously, infrared, even until now infrared has reached to version 4, but generally on the device still uses bluetooth version 3 so for version 4 is still rarely found on devices that are on the market, history records that the bluetooth technology was first invented in the year 1994, was by Ericsson, bluetooth capable of creating a personal area network (PAN) cover the surrounding area with short distance

Of course we already know that the bluetooth function is actually to transfer the files, but it turns out that's not enough, there's more bluetooth function that you may not know, well here is a list of the function belutooth which is rarely known to its users.

1. Internet connection sharing or Tethering with Bluetooth
Divide the internet connection using bluetooth it turns out we can do, where the device that does tethering have access and are connected to the internet, and other users must be connected to the smartphone as its Center.

To give it a try you have to prepare your smartphone Internet connection available and open settings "Tethering and Portable Hotspot" and select the bluetooth tethering, then you prepare one more smartphone which does not yet have a connection the Internet and you can try it out to be linked.

2. Mengoneksikan projector
You can also use bluetooth as a replacement for cable connections on the projector, but of course you use a projector that supports bluetooth devices, with the longer distances you can already berpresentasi by bringing the device to connect to the projector.

3. To play games with Gamepad
Gamepad is a tool that is used as an interface between the user's computer game to make it more ease in playing the game. Gamepad should ideally do not use cables because it reduces the motion and flexibility of the wearer, and one of the solutions to improve the flexibility of user gamepad is to use a bluetooth device as a media connector to a computer without must use cables. So you can play games without having to be close to the monitor.

4. Exchanging files with the camera and Handycam
Now you don't have to worry if your digital camera or handycam you fullness of memory, because now there are many digital camera or handycam that already support bluetooth.

5. Print a File
Almost all people often do print print in print, now this routine is now you can solve by using bluetooth, imagine if you had to print purposes in menyabungkan cable into the laptop would certainly be very troublesome, especially If the cable is limited in size, print using the printer with bluetooth support is already now you can be more practical and fast.